Adweek’s Project Isaac Winners: 19 Daring Campaigns Centered On Bold Innovation

We can all agree rush hour is pretty miserable, but this past April, commuters in Mexico City got a bit of a reprieve: the ability to order Whoppers to their cars.

The inspiration for the campaign came after Gustavo Lauria, chief creative officer of We Believers, spent an hour in a car on the way to a meeting with Burger King CMO Fernando Machado. Recalling that Machado wanted an idea relevant to Mexico, Lauria—fresh from his commute—arrived at the meeting and said, “What if we deliver Whoppers in the middle of traffic jams?”

Machado approved the idea in less than five minutes, no formal presentation required.

Planning was a bit more involved. They had to identify traffic hot spots and restaurants, and what combination would enable 30-minute deliveries. After that, there were just a few minor details to deal with: developing an app to support mobile payments; asking consumers to preregister with email addresses and license plate and credit card numbers; ensuring delivery drivers had compatible handsets; creating a back-end interface to identify daily delivery zones and to track orders; figuring out a means of integrating the service into restaurants (the solution: an iPad placed next to cash registers); and populating digital billboards with data from customers and their orders.

Then they realized orders would have to be voice-enabled to comply with traffic laws. The voice-activated menu simplified orders not only because consumers were driving, but also because voice assistants had to speak Spanish.

“It was a long weekend,” says Marco Vega, chief strategy officer at We Believers, the AOR for Burger King Mexico.

The result: nearly 400 Whoppers delivered to traffic-marooned customers—10% to 15% of which were handed off at the moment the driver passed by Burger King, Vega says.

The campaign also created a new revenue stream and marked the first time Burger King Mexico accepted mobile payments.

“This was the proof: a) people are open to mobile payments, and b) they were safe and willing to give you their credit card number,” Vega notes.

Now We Believers is considering other high-traffic cities like Los Angeles, São Paulo and Shanghai, as well as locations like the Tijuana border, which has lots of potential customers waiting. —Lisa Lacy

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Adweek’s Project Isaac Winners: 19 Daring Campaigns Centered on Bold Innovation


Adweek’s Project Isaac Winners: 19 Daring Campaigns Centered on Bold Innovation